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  • Aug
    Full Semester and First Module Begins 8:00 AM
  • Aug
    Meet your Mavily Ice Cream Social 1:00 PM
  • Aug
    Last Day to Add or Drop a First Module Class 8:00 AM
  • Sep
    Census Date 8:00 AM
  • Sep
    Last Day to Add or Drop a Full Semester Class 8:00 AM
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While some campus events are limited or temporarily paused, approved gatherings and activities may still take place on campus. Please follow social distancing guidelines and wear face masks at these events.

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"People care about you here. Everybody roots for everybody, everybody wants to see everyone succeed. I'm just thankful for the opportunity to get to come here and experience this."


Lubbock, TX

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路由器和猫的区别-百度经验:2021-6-25 · 网络在我伀现在生活中必不可少,我伀链接互联网经常需要用到猫和路由器,但是依然有很多菜鸟根本不知道什么是猫什么是路由器,至于猫和路由器怎么使用就更不知道了,下面给大家详细的讲解下路由 …

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BS, Environmental Science
Jordan Veith
Environmental Scientist at Kleinfelder

功能更强大 首发享折扣!网易UU加速器推出千兆版UU加速盒 ...:2021-6-15 · 千兆版UU加速盒目前已在网易UU加速盒天猫、京东旗舰店正式出卖,售企188元/台。 在即将到来的618购物节,官方还为主机玩家筹备了更多福利。 6月16日至6月20日期间,UU加速盒百兆版盒子在天猫和京东官方旗舰店,开启超鼎力度的促销流动,在6月18日当天的10点,还有买裸盒就送半年卡的超值 …

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打游戏老是延迟掉帧 鲁大师游戏加速器能改善吗?-鲁大师 ...:2 天前 · 这款加速器可伃稳定保障游戏玩家畅快的游戏体验,而且支持超过30多个市面上主流的3A 大作和游戏平台,是一款非常实用的电竞加速器。 ...

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